Jumat, 08 Maret 2013

Ethnic Electism by Ferry Sunarto

Masterpiece is a work produced with the full seriousness by the hands of a maestro. Three leading designers; Ferry Sunarto, Musa Widyatmojo and Anne Avantie showed their best work through the eclectic ethnic inspiration in BNI presents performances Ethnic Eclectism was held on February 26 at 20:00 pm-22 pm. Fashion show sponsored by BNI Indonesia is the final show of Indonesia Fashion Week 2012.Ferry Sunarto identic with his beautiful kebaya with a soft aura. Watching Ferry’s fashion show is like watching romantic movie which can make every woman fall in love. The man from Bandung who is inspiring by Bali made his theme of collection The Fascinating Romance. He used embroidery in his collection and a floating fabric shades lighter motif blends with the beauty of songket Bali. A sprinkling of pearls and crystals in soft colours made his collection looks sophisticated and glamorous. Ferry used silk fabrics, cotton, lace, tulle, organza and jacquard. It proved that man couln be processed in such a beautiful kebaya with a modern look without forgetting the traditional roots that already exist. Through his work, hoping Ferry kebaya can grow more powerful so that later kebaya can be recognized on the whole world.



SUMBER: Ethnic Electism by Ferry Sunarto

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